Getting a Personal Loan in Texas With a 640 Credit Score Featured Image

By: Loanclose Staff

Getting a personal loan with a 640 credit score in Texas can be difficult because with a 640 you are sitting on the boarder of a lot of lenders minimum credit score requirements.

What are my personal loan options in Texas with a 640 credit score?

With a 640 credit score, your personal loan options will be limited. Most lenders look for borrowers with above a 680, however, your credit score is not the only determining of your loan eligibility. When looking at who they lend to lenders also often look at the borrowers:

  • Credit Score
  • Debt to Income Ration
  • Your Bank Balance
  • Your Profession
  • Your Education
  • Other Alternative data

Personal loan companies who lend to individuals with 640 credit scores

While finding personal loan lenders who lend to individuals with a 640 credit score might be difficult they do exist. Fill out the application below to get connected to your personal loan in Texas with a 640 credit score.

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